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Director of Development
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Raquel Brown

Raquel Brown – In Her Own Words

“I began my journey as Director of Development for the Community Foundation in October 2022.
In the past, I have volunteered with many nonprofits in the area in varying capacities. Seeing nonprofits from an internal perspective started a passion that led me to open my mind to work at a nonprofit. When this position opened, especially with my background in development, it was a natural fit for the next step in my career. I had a desire to serve people in a different capacity.

I was raised in Clare and completed my undergrad at Northwood University. Through college, I developed a deep love for the Midland community, and as I built relationships with others in the community, I realized that it’s undoubtedly a special place.

There are many misconceptions about Midland, and I’m excited to work at a place that breaks some of those stereotypes. I get to build relationships with folks who want to leave a legacy and/or wish to impact our community positively. I recognize it is a privilege to work directly with people who have these visions and want to play a part in developing a thriving community. Not many people can say they get to do that… I am honored, in a way, that people come here, talking about all the good things that they want to do or the people they are going to impact with a gift to The Foundation. It feeds my soul.

I’m a rooted person, and family is very important to me. I love the outdoors and mostly anything it entails. Agriculture is a large part of my roots and shows through my love for hard work, animals, and our earth. Basically, I value any time I spend in the outdoors and, of course, with my German shepherds.

The one thing that gets me the most excited for the future of Midland is working with folks in the community and witnessing how the Community Foundation brings people together to do beautiful work. Together, we can build something that outlives all of us.”

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